Broadcom Crystal HD Netbook Video Accelerator Tested With Flash 10.1

Our eyes have been peeled for hands-on info concerning the Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator we posted about back in. When rumors arose that HP had thrown the HD video accelerator into a new edition of one of its netbooks, we just couldn’t wait to see if it works.

So, does it?

CNet tested the new accelerator with Flash 10.1 on a netbook, and delivered some solid video footage of it as well. Since the Nvidia Ion isn’t currently available for netbooks built on the Atom N450 CPU, Broadcom’s Crystal HD chip seems to be the best way to get Flash 10.1 on a netbook. Flash 10.1 is the first version of Flash to be supported on the Broadcom Crystal HD CPU.

Unfortunately, CNet’s tests haven’t led to the astounding revolution Broadcom Crystal HD was supposed to be – the netbook achieved some amount of success after a few adjustments, but didn’t get up to the standard of what we think a HD video accelerator should be.

Their advice? Wait for software updates from Adobe and/or Broadcom before dropping cash on a netbook, if you want to be able to watch HD video instead of a HD slideshow.

Be sure to check out CNet’s video here.

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