CES: Pegatron Netbook Is $199 With 8 Hours Of Juice

We haven’t heard much from Pegatron lately. It split off from ASUS and has been doing ODM work by itself. Unexpectedly, the company moved into the spotlight for a moment at CES to announce its new Freescale-based netbooks. The Linux machines run 8.9-inch screens, have 8 hours of juice, and will cost a delightfully low $199.

It’s running the brand new ARM i.MX515 CPU by Freescale, a 1 GHz chip which is supposedly three times as fast as the iPhone.

The kicker? The chip is insanely efficient and generates barely any heat. It was demonstrated running 720p video using only .5 watts, feeling quite cool to the touch. Its processing power is weaker than that of the Atom, but are well suited to running Linux. It seems like a promising combo, and it’s cheap too. Pegatron and Freescale hope to see these picke dup by OEM around May or June.

Via Engadget.

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