Chinese PC Maker Mass Produces Hackintosh Netbooks

We’ve seen some pretty clever Hackintosh netbooks before, but now a Chinese PC maker is actually mass-producing 8.9-inch netbooks with an Apple logo on the lid.

However, the chances of Apple being connected to the machine are just about absolutely zero. It runs an ARM CPU and either Windows CE or Linux as an OS, and sells for around $200. It’s got a Windows key on the keyboard, as well as a tiny right-Shift by the up arrow.

The netbook could get up to 7 hours of battery life through the 3-cell battery, as ARM machines run on low power.

The new netbook is yet another comical reminder of Apple’s frustrating refusal to join the netbook market. Come on Steve, we know you’re just holding out on us to keep the suspense going!

Via Shanzai.

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