Clevo’s New Netbooks

The tech company Clevo has got some new netbook releases prepared for you, and we’re here to deliver the facts.The first is the Clevo TN70xM, which is available now. It’s on the smaller side – its 7 inch screen is generally avoided by most netbook manufacturers because consumers seem to want something bigger. The good news is it’s a tablet netbook, with a rotating touch-sensitive screen.Other features to note are its ‘passive cooling design’ – which means no loud fans. It has a similarly unique 4-cell battery – most netbooks use 3- or 6-cells. The TN70xM is efficient, and can run from 6-10 hours depending on how you use it. It uses the Intel Atom and weighs a mere 0.94 kg.The next netbook Clevo’s coming out with is the distinguished Clevo M71xL.Here are the important specs:The inclusion of an optical drive is a long-awaited personalization netbook makers haven’t picked up on. It will be a big selling point for the Clevo M71xL.Clevo has one more netbook on the way, but you won’t be getting it until Q1 next year: the Clevo M81xL.

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