Coolpad Will Keep Your Netbook From Overheating

Nobody’s doubting that netbooks are getting big. CrunchGear, testifying to their sellability, likens their sales to those of “Tickle Me Elmos from past Christmases.” Apparently they’re big enough now for manufacturers to make netbook-specific devices, and this is where the Coolpad comes in.If you think your netbook has been getting a bit hot, you aren’t alone. They do a lot of work for their small frames, and tend to overheat. Coolpad is a tool developed to help chill out your netbook, complete with integrated cooling fans. The device also comes with a 2.5-inch SATA HDD slot and 3 USB entry-ports, an excellent addition to the sparse offerings of most netbooks. We don’t know what it costs yet but it will be at on December 24th.Via CrunchGear.

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