CoverBee Netbook Sleeves Convenient But Not Necessarily As Primary Netbook Sleeve

With so many people buying netbooks nowadays, it would make sense that the netbook sleeve market is becoming quite lucrative as well. CoverBee has broken into this market and has recently been advertising their netbook sleeves made especially for 10″ netbooks.

CoverBee’s netbook sleeves come in a variety of eclectic designs, including Posh Leopard, Made in Holland, Zebra Mania, Snow White, and Red Polka. The dimensions of the sleeves are roughly 10.2 inches long by 8.5 inches wide.

The netbook sleeve itself even has its own sleeve! (More like a canvas envelope though.) Here’s what the sleeve’s sleeve looks like:

Here’s a of the Posh Leopard netbook sleeve. At first glance, this sleeve is no doubt stylish. A further examination of the inside though, determines that this sleeve, although made with thick material, is not as practical as initially thought.

Yes, it can protect your notebook from bumps and bruises. But since it doesn’t have a closure (a zipper at the end, for example), the netbook inside is relatively vulnerable to damage…or may even slip out of the case itself! Ouch!

The exterior of the netbook sleeve is soft and fuzzy and feels like a stuffed animal while the interior is lined with (gold) quilted satin. The fabrics and construction of this sleeve are of high quality and thus, make it seem very durable.

Because of the opening at one end, this particular netbook sleeve would be convenient for additional protection for the laptop (when placed in a bag, for example), but probably not too practical as a primary netbook carrying case.

In addition to netbook sleeves, CoverBee also makes sleeves for laptops. The prices for CoverBee’s netbook and laptop sleeves vary from roughly $28 to $35, but that includes shipping to any location in the world.

For the netbook-sleeve-fanatic who doesn’t mind splurging on a quality netbook sleeve, check out Cocoon Innovation’s netbook case. On the other hand, for those looking for minimal quality, just a convenient way to keep your netbook safe from scratches, you can try making your own netbook sleeve out of a placemat.

Via TheGadgeteer.

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