Dell Adamo Is Exquisite And Classy (Pics)

If anyone doubted that the Dell Adamo was a response to the ultra-thin Macbook air, those doubts will drop as soon as they check out these new pics. The other thing that will drop is their jaw.

The design of this thing is just amazing. The keyboard in particular is stylish and spacious, with a cool new font for the lettering. The keys even look like they’re in the style of the Macbook Air.

dell adamo

It’s extremely thin, but you didn’t need me to tell you that. It looks like the battery is peeking out in back there, hiding by the hinge to minimize space usage as much as possible. This version is black…

…but it will also come in silver. I could gaze at these pics all day.

Dell Adamo

Here’s one of the back. The brushed metal combined with the mirror-like top section makes for an industrial but classy look. It seems like Dell wants to beat the Macbook Air for classiness by introducing a sense power through the raw precision of the design. If the Macbook is embodied by air, the Adamo is cold hard steel.

Dell adamo

And finally, here’s the whole machine. It’s running and using that weird Windows toolbar nobody really likes, but nevertheless, it looks as good as ever.

I don’t know about you, but this thing has got me pumped. Dell’s intending a release in the first half of this year, as it mentioned at CES, so we’ll be all over it when the time comes.


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