Dell Gives To Charity Through Pink Mini 9 Netbook

The Inspiron Mini 9 is getting a stylish revisiting with a new series of color options offered by Dell. The colors include pink red and blue, a departure from the earlier model colors. Not only will the netbooks look a bit snappier, but they’re go towards a good cause; Dell is donating $5 for every pink Mini 9 purchased and donating it to the Susan G. Komen foundation for education and research on breast cancer.

The Mini 9 netbook is retailing for between $199 and $249, depending upon where you look, and sells with either Windows or Linux. It can be configured for up to 2 GB of RAM, twice as much as the standard formula offers. Another option is the 32 GB SSD, a nice addendum to the netbook package.

Also notable are the variety of Hackintosh possibilities tinkerers have found with the Mini 9.

However, on the subject of the netbook’s color, it’s often been said that the black version of the Mini 9 is particularly bad at hiding smudges. On the other hand, any color other than white or black will drop you an extra $35.

If you aren’t feeling particularly philanthropic but still want a pink netbook, be sure to check out the Valentine’s Day Acer Aspire One of last month.

Via Arstechnica.

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