Dell Inspiron 11z Netbook Masquerades As A Laptop

The Dell Inspiron 11z isn’t being called the next Mini netbook, but rather a laptop. However, I’m not totally convinced.

Sure, its 11.6-inch widescreen is a little big for netbooks, but the ASUS Eee PC 1101HA and Acer Aspire One A0751h already have screens at that size. And sure, it runs a 1.2 GHz Intel CULV Celeron processor instead of the Atom. But that’s where the differences stop.

The Inspiron 11z has a 1366 x 768 resolution screen and sells for around $400 with a 3-cell battery. It has an HDMI port, something the aforementioned netbooks lack, as well as 3 USB ports, Ethernet, and a media card reader you’d see on most netbooks.

The keyboard looks quite usable, measuring in at 92% of full size. You’ll also find 2 GB of RAM in the 11z, which is a tad higher than the netbook standard and will boost performance noticeably.

Via PCMag.

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