Dell Latitude 2100 Netbook Popular with Schools

As computers play a growing role in the everyday lives of students in the classroom, many school districts are interested in purchasing relatively cheap and portable alternatives. Enter the “kiddie netbook.”

One such netbook that was recently released is the Dell Latitude 2100. This particular netbook has quickly grown in popularity since its release a little over a month ago.

Although it’s small in size (after all, it’s a netbook) it’s already having a relatively big impact. According to Yahoo News, “more than 500 U.S. school districts have purchased the Latitude 2100.”

Netbooks like the Latitude 2100 allow students to do their work on-the-go and provide many more opportunities for hands-on learning without wasting bootup/setup time or traveling time to and from a computer lab.

As a result of the growing popularity, Dell (and the other existing kiddie netbook manufacturers) are sure to have competitors in the near future.

As competitors come out with new netbooks, we’ll have the latest updates, so make sure to check back often to see which companies will be next to enter this segment of the netbook market.

Via ZDNet.

Image via Islabit.

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