Dell Mini 10 Netbook To Include 720p, DVD Drive, TV Tuner

We’ve reported news of the Dell Mini 10 before, but back during CES 2009 details were unfortunately scant. As promised, we’ve got a few more juicy tidbits for you about the new Dell netbook. They aren’t completely confirmed, but if they turn out to be true, we’re going to be seeing some seriously happy consumers in the near future.

The Dell Mini 10 netbook will have a 16:9 screen with 720p capability, and the potential for a built-in TV tuner. Could this mean HD TV on netbooks in the near future?

Both the 720p display and TV tuner are optional. Other options will include the choice of a 3- or 6-cell battery, and an Atom processor of either 1.3 or the traditional 1.6 GHz.

And – what’s this? – you can get an “optional DVD slice”! Optical drives have been almost completely absent from netbooks, with the exception of Mouse Computer’s LB-F1400W netbook. The optical drive-720p-TV tuner combo would make this new Dell netbook much more than a medium-sized Dell Mini-9 or Mini-12. It’s may very well be a hardcore mobile entertainment machine, and that has got us excited.

The only buzzkill at this point could be a massive pricetag or news that none of this is true, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

Via Gizmodo.

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