Dell Mini-9n Netbook Stripped Down, Price Lowered to $250

If the so-called “race to the bottom” phenomenon is really happening, Dell is the evidence. Dell’s newest iteration in the Inspiron Mini netbook series is the Dell Mini-9n. It’s about the lowest-powered netbook you can find, but it certainly doesn’t cost much.

According the Wired, the “n” is for “nothing”. That seems to be how much meat Dell left on the skeleton of its former, costlier netbook. The new Dell Mini-9n has less storage, memory, and no webcam. It offers 512 MB of RAM and a puny 4 GB SSD.

It’s dead cheap though, and if you think it’s good enough for you then Dell isn’t completely foolish after all. The netbook has retained the admirable keyboard and, of course, the display which beats out the MacBook’s.

Personally, I think anyone who doesn’t have a Dell fetish or extreme budget constraints might as well just go with any number of netbooks which aren’t ridiculously underpowered and are only a bit more expensive; for example, the Valentine’s Day Acer Aspire One.

Via Wired.

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