Dell To Compete With Macbook Air

Word has it that Dell’s in the mood to compete and is doing so with an upcoming machine: the Adamo. Dell has been releasing little teasers and guerrilla marketing to get people talking, and we’re quite interested.They recently opened a mini-site for the Adamo but are saying little about it, other than that it will be ultra-thin.Dell’s first teaser image was up on Uptown Life. It’ stated that the Adamo was set for a February launch. This coincides, interestingly enough, with the one-year anniversary of the MacBook Air. One Dell man, Bob Kaufman, said that Dell intends to “wake up the personal computing category and create some buzz.”The new machine is expected to be cheaper than the Air, so we’re very interested. Is there any chance that the Adamo is a netbook? We’ll have to wait and see.Via TGDaily.

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