Dell’s Schuckenbrock Doesn’t Love Netbooks

Even though Dell has pumped out a heck of a lot of netbooks in the recent past, Steven Schuckenbrock isn’t convinced they’re so hot.

Sure, they’re cheap and portable, but Schuckenbrock told Reuters that he expects more from his machines:

“Netbooks are a secondary device. The user experience of a netbook is just not as good. It’s slower than a conventional notebook computer.”

Does this explain Dell’s slow start in the netbook category? ASUS, MSI and Acer owned the market at the beginning, and Dell gave up a chance to take a majority share of the market.

Regardless, Schuckenbrock knows why netbooks are so popular.

“I carried one with me on the road this week to check it out. A great device. Light, easy to use. But a different performance. If I’m in my office, it’s probably not gonna work.”

Via Reuters.

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