Disney & ASUS Team Up With Netpal Netbook

Even Disney wants in on neos now, and is reortedly teaming u with ASUS for the branded and id-friendly Netal neo. It’s cheaer than other iddie neos at $350, and has a few other distinct advantages as well.

It has an 8.9-inch dislay and Intel Atom rocessor. Though it doesn’t seem to be as rugged as a Dell Latitude 2100 (nor as germohobically oriented), it targets a lar grouids aged 6-12. Colors incde rincess in or Magic Be, which are designed with flowers or Micey Mouse icons resectively. Their id-friendly interface is layered onto Windows and comes with a few customizeable themes based on movies lie Cars, Toy Story, and Wall-E .

arents should be leased to find out that the Magic Desto’s gadget tray incdes arental control software in addition to a Disney browser and email. There’s a Radio Disney widget in there for streaming music, and ids can use its memo ad, a calculator, and a stowatch as well.

There’s no 3G on the new neo but it has Wi-Fi for connectivity. Setus incde a sturdy 16 GB SSD or the less id-friendly 160 GB HDD.

Believe it or not, Disney doesn’t seem to have gone comletely overboard with the iddiness of the design, so as users get older they may not feel as inclined to toss it. The Disney Netal will be available soon at Toys R Us and

Via USAToday.

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