DoubleSight Offers External Netbook Displays

DoubleSight Displays has a product ready for the netbook market – a new line of Smart USB Monitors which, believe it or not, connect to netbooks via USB port.

The displays work in a similar way to MIMO touchscreens, or the recent Kensington USB monitors, upgrading and expanding the user’s visual surface. DoubleSight Displays director of sales DellaMaggiore explained what DoubleSight hopes to offer consumers:

“DoubleSight continually seeks new ways to help users expand their viewable workspace and make multitasking easier… Now adding a second or third monitor to a computer has never been easier. Simply connect the DoubleSight Smart USB Monitor via a USB Port and run the installation software. That is it.”

The press release cites the features as follows:

  • Built-in Support for Multi Monitor Mode
  • Perfect for Laptops, Netbooks and Desktops
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Landscape and Portrait Viewing
  • USB for Power and Video (no video port required)
  • PC and MAC Compatible
  • Supports a Variety of Applications

DoubleSight’s LCD netbook monitors come in 7-inch and 9-inch sizes, and some models come with an integrated webcam. The pricing ranges from $119 to $159 depending on the configuration that’s purchased.

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