DTS Netbooks and Notebooks To Be Available in 2010

DTS, Inc. (previously known as Digital Theater Systems, Inc.) is teaming up with netbook and notebook manufacturers to bring digital surround sound to computing technology by as early as 2010. Asustek Computer is already planning to adopt DTS’ audio solutions on its motherboards.

In addition to ASUS, DTS currently has partnerships with notebook manufacturers such as Acer, Foxconn Electronics, and Shuttle, and chipmakers such as Intel, Realtek, and VIA Technologies.

DTS’ audio solutions for PCs and mobile computing devices currently accounts for less than 5% of the company’s revenues, but this market still has a lot of potential. The proportion of DTS’ revenues comprised of audio solutions sales for PCs and other computers may rise to 15-20% by 2011.

Via Digitimes.

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