EVSC Student Netbook Plan Hack-Safe, Ready to Be Put Into Action

EVSC students will head back to school today, and their newest learning tool this year will be the netbook. But exactly how protected are these netbooks? That is, students will be blocked from surfing the web, but how easily will students be able to hack into the machine to pull up websites?

Currently, Internet access on netbooks issued by the school are blocked from use for both teachers and students (except in eight locations of the Evansville Vanderburg County libraries).

According to e-learning coach Tim Wilhelmus, the school has an “EVSC filter and a light speed filter that is actually inside the computer themselves.”

The school is currently in the method of trying to find ways to hack into websites. To test the strength of the filters in place, the school loaned 14 News a device to see if their information services manager could “break past the filters to open up social networking sites.”

According to Manager Rob Kerr, “I tried disabling the program that they have installed on there, and it completely disabled network access all together. So these students are going to have to take these computers back and say ‘I broke this while breaking the rules.’”

This netbook program sounds like it’s going to be pretty successful and netbooks instead of textbooks sounds like a pretty good idea too. Maybe these ideas will be coming to a school district near you in the near future. We’ll make sure to keep you posted on any news that we encounter.

Via 14WFIE.

Image via CourierPress.

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