Finally, a Decent Netbook for a Decent Price

The ii-View A2 netbook seems pretty decent, at least from first glance. This 12″ netbook features 1280×800 screen resolution, a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, 2 GB of RAM, and a 320 GB hard drive. It will also come with the Windows 7 OS, although the version isn’t yet specified.

Other tech specs of the A2 netbook include a/b/g/n/ wireless, HDMI output, two USB ports, a webcam, and a “full-size” keyboard. The thickest point of the netbook is 0.88 inches and it weighs roughly three pounds. Sounds pretty decent so far, right?

There are couple of things to watch out for. The product page for this netbook lists a screen resolution of 1360×768, but the press release lists a screen resolution of 1280×800. The latter is more plausible as that’s what most 12.1″ netbooks are listed at and since resolutions are usually at 1366 instead of 1360 pixels – but you never know. The Mac OS X layout on top of Windows 7 is a bit weird, but maybe that’s what ii-View is going for, as the look of the netbook is somewhat Mac-esque.

One slight downside of the A2 netbook may be the six-celled battery. The estimated battery life is three hours, which is relatively short compared to other netbooks on the market with a same sized battery. On the bright side, pricing for the A2 is not bad at all. If you’re interested, you can get one for $400.

Via CrunchGear.

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