First Android Netbook, Price Tag $250

Android is a Linux-based platform that was originally created for cell phones, but is now being used on other mobile devices, such as netbooks. The first netbook to run the Android operating system is planned to be released within the following three months, for a price of $250. The production of Android-based netbooks are expected to increase in the latter half of 2009 and the price is expected to be driven down to $200 or less.

The netbook that is to be equipped with the new Android operating system will be called the Alpha 680. It is currently going through final testing at Guangzhou Skytone Transmission Technologies in China.

Some tech specs of this netbook include a 7″ LCD screen, a 533MHz ARM 11 CPU, and wi-fi. This netbook will have a 2-cell battery that is expected to last for two to four hours (when browsing the Internet).

Via CNet.