For Students, iPad is better than Kindle

Apple’s upcoming device, the iPad, has long been seen as a competitor to Amazon’s Kindle. Not only may the iPad bring about the end of the Kindle, but it may help Apple cash in on a market that the Kindle was never able to: education.

Of course, Apple does sell many products on the education market. But the iPad may be especially convenient for students because of its small size, e-reader capabilities, and versatility. The Kindle was tested at several major universities and just seemed to lack something and was never a good fit for students.

Recent estimates speculate that Apple may be shipping as many as 190,000 pre-ordered iPads to customers in the first week of the iPad’s release (this is just a guess, though, as no official numbers have been released). Perhaps in a hope of catering to the education market, Apple has lowered the price of the iPad by $20 when ten or more of the devices are ordered for educational use.

Via Tainted Green, image via Apple.

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