Fujitsu Releases New Lifebook Tablet PC, Netbook, and Notebook

In addition to the Fujitsu Lifebook P3110, Fujitsu will be releasing an entire product refresh spanning tablet PCs, notebooks, and netbooks.

The new additions to the Lifebook line are going to implement the new capabilities offered by Windows 7, including its touch sensitivity, says senior director of mobile product management Paul Moore:

“Windows 7 complements our products, in part, because it is touch-aware… We can add a lot of value for first responders, health-care providers or educators with the new OS.”

One offering will be the Fujitsu Lifebook T4410 tablet, a 12.1-inch convertible machine designed as a business solution for vertical markets. One possible application will be in health care, where providers can navigate the hardware easier using their fingertips.

“There’s a lot of value-add for convertibles because they aren’t as commoditized yet. The T4410, for example, meets the needs of users working on their feet.”

Fujitsu’s tablet PC will be available for $1199. Another version, the Lifebook T4310, will arrive as a consumer version of the tablet.

The Lifebook P3010 is an 11.6-inch netbook based on an AMD processor with 2 GB of memory. It is priced at $549 and comes with 3 USB ports and a 6-cell battery.

Via CRN.

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