Google Announces ANGLE For Chrome

HTML 5 has eciting prospects for web applications.  It will hopefully result in the end of plug-ins, like Flash, and allow for a more universal stand across the internet.  One possibility would to be able to have 3D ghics in web pages.  The result could be high-end games directly available on web pages, not suffering from the performance load caused by Flash.

This isn’t just hypothetical stuff; the Mozilla Foundation along with Opera, Apple, and Chrome are all working to make this real with WebGL, a JavaScript library which allows for 3D rendering.  The only is it reuires OpenGL support, something which is lacking on many Windows PCs.  So Google has announced its plans for ANGLE,  a “cross-platform web stand for accessing low-level 3D ghics hware”.  Basically, it’s a way for Chrome to use Direct3D in place of OpenGL on Windows machines.

It is interesting to note that this announcement comes on the heels of Micro’s release of its new IE9 platform, which introduces HTML 5 and Direct2D hware rendering.  It showed off some very impressive SVG based demos.  Google is taking the Micro threat very seriously, and has an added stake due to its browser based OS, Chrome OS.

Via Gizmodo

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