Google Buys Video Service Company

has made yet another acquisition. This time it’s a small video service company called Episodic. Episodic will help out with YouTube, the video website that owns.

Episodic is an online video hosting service that gives users the capability to publish live streams and on-demand content. Users have control over advertisements and ads in their videos. They can make money from their video channels by having advertisements or charging for content via credit card. Episodic is optimized for mobile viewing as well, including the iPhone.

For now, new user sign-up is suspended while the details of the acquisition get sorted out. Users can register to be contacted once sign-up is available again.

According to TechCrunch, Episodic will be incorporated into and the Episodic staff will join the YouTube offices. is either planning to redo online video (which would not be surprising considering Apple’s rejection of Flash, since Flash powers videos) or wants to keep buying one small company per month (since January 2010, it has bought DocVerse, Picnik, reMail, and Aardvark).

Via PC World, image via Episodic.

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