Google Introduces Search Improvements

may be one of the most widely used and well-known search engines, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Google has been criticized for having search results lists that do not have the answers users are seeking. For example, when you search “London flights” on Microsoft’s Bing, you get results for travel deals, but a Google search may not give such results.

’s improvements, introduced on Friday, are built on Google Squared and Rich Snippets, introduced in May 2009. Google Squared formats search query results in tables and columns. Rich Snippets provides an expanded set of information for a search query.

Now, thanks to Squared technology, a query contains highlighted information in the results. For example, the query “Empire State height” has the height of the Empire State Building highlighted in the search results.

Rich Snippets may not be new technology—Bing uses something similar already—but users will probably welcome the change. However, web site owners may not welcome these changes, as it may reduce the incentive to click through to a search result.

Via InformationWeek, image via Google.

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