Google Will End IE6 Support

is really not happy with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6. After all, it was a vulnerability in IE6 that allowed Chinese hackers to mount an attack against Google and target Chinese human rights activists’ Gmail accounts. Beginning on March 1, Google has said that some services, such as Google Docs, will not work properly with IE6, and recommended that users upgrade to a later version of the browser.

After the attack against was made public, people were urged to switch to a more secure browser. The French and German governments, as well as security analysts, urged users to upgrade or switch browsers for their own safety.

Approximately 20 percent of users are still using IE6. Many developers have expressed a desire to see IE6 phased out soon. However, Microsoft has promised to support IE6 until 2014. It released an update designed to correct the vulnerability and recommended that all users install the update or upgrade their browser.

Microsoft said it has known about the vulnerability since September 2009 and planned to patch it in February. The negative publicity in the wake of the attacks against have helped rival browsers such as Firefox gain market share. In fact, in Europe Firefox has almost as large a share as Internet Explorer, and even surpasses IE in some countries.

Via BBC News, image via Microsoft.

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