Google’s Plan To Profit Off Android Netbook Combo

The time may soon arrive when the two poles of the OS world – Windows and Linux – are joined by a third: Android by Google.

The OS has been implemented in smartphones, but according to Unwired, has a team settling down in Taiwan to focus on Android.

’s thinking something a lot of us have wondered about for a long while – why not throw it into netbooks? It’s user-friendly and fast, and if users have adapted to Ubuntu, why not Android as well? The concept has been rife with controversy for a while, but it’s looking like intends to put the issue to rest once and for all.

Even ASUS has hinted that an Android model will sneak into its Eee PC lineup by the end of this year. If ASUS is buying it, other manufacturers will be sure to follow.

NBR is breaking down ’s Android netbook plan into three steps: AT&T-/Radioshack-style data plans offered with cheap or free netbooks, involving Google Adwords in netbooking for ad revenues, and charging for the ‘Premier’ use of cloud applications like Google Apps.

Via NBR.

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