Hackintosh Netbook Demoted To Pet Webcam

While many have extolled the virtues of Hackintosh netbooks, not everybody exalts them so. While Brian Chen of Wired likely struggled long and hard to mod his Hackintosh, he’s finally retired it (after 6 months of use) to the quiet life of a pet webcam.

Deeming the Hackintosh impractical, he decided it would be better suited to monitoring his “five-week-old kitten Cuddy” using a $5 iPhone app – iCam – allowing him to remotely access the camera feed. And while hundreds of netbookers are out there struggling to hack MSI Wind netbooks to run Mac OS X, Chen is busy spying on his cat.

Hey, if it works, it works. Now will Apple hurry up with its netbook already?

Via Wired.

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