Hi-Grade Notino Netbook For English Soccer Fans

As time goes on, it is becoming clear that netbooks are getting attention from everyone with enough cash to crank one out. Not only do small-time manufacturers like Gigabyte and ViewSonic have their own netbooks now, but even Japanese toy retailers have shown their interest with the Hello Kitty, Gachapin, and Doraemon netbooks.

The newest manufacturer getting into the netbook game is Hi-Grade, a based company which just announced a netbook fully endorsed by the England Football Association. While I’m much of a soccer guy, it’s undeniable that the netbook looks pretty classy:

The 10.2-inch machine is called the Notino µL100E and is decked out in official England FA colors. Via has provided its 1.6 GHz C7-M processor for the machine, which runs for 2.5 hours and has a 160 GB HDD. In addition the Notino netbook includes three USBs, Wi-Fi, and a card reader.

It will sell for £315, or about $463 US, with all profits going to the soccer association. Unfortunately that means you’re dropping some good money for a snappy logo, while missing out on some battery life and processing power a netbook like the Samsung NC10 might get you for a similar price.

Via NetbookChoice.

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