How Apple Keeps its Secrets

There is always a huge buzz when Apple releases a new product, and this is due to the fact that Apple is a master at keeping secrets. Customers know next to nothing about products before they are announced and only know what Apple wants them to know before they are released. Most rumors concerning Apple products are wrong, usually in a laughable way.

Some excerpts from Apple’s NDA document for the iPad show the lengths to which Apple goes to keep its products secret. Here are some of the things iPad testers have to do:

  • the iPad must be kept in a room with blacked-out windows
  • the iPad must remain tethered to a fixed object
  • nothing remotely relating to the iPad may be released on

Apple understands that the fewer leaks there are about products, the more of an impact there is when they are released.

Via Fast Company, image via Ars Technica.

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