How to Install Windows 7 on a Netbook

The finalized version of the new Windows 7 operating software can be downloaded and used for free. Since many netbooks don’t have optical drives though, installing the Windows 7 software may prove more difficult than initially imagined. Here are three ways that you can install Windows 7 on your netbook without the use of an optical drive.

1. Use an external DVD drive. This will most likely be the easiest method of installing the Windows 7 operating system.

2. Use a USB. If the USB drive has at least 4 GB on it, you can actually boot up the netbook with it. With the help of the Live USB Helper utility, you can use Daemon Tools Lite to attach the ISO file to the USB drive. Then, the netbook must be booted up with the USB plugged in and selected as the boot device. This method of installing Windows 7 is relatively slow but works nonetheless.

3. Use an external hard drive. This method is similar to #2 above (using a USB). The ISO file should be copied to the hard drive and can be booted from there.

Via PCWorld.

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