HP Pavilion DV2Z: A Laptop At Netbook Price

The latest contender in the everlasting battle to topple netbooks is the HP Pavilion DV2Z, designed to deliver PC power at a netbook’s price.

The DV2Z is a 12.1-inch machine weighing 3.81 lbs, measuring in at about an inch at its thinnest point. It is more powerful graphics-wise than the Pavilion DV2, packing the dual-core Athlon Neo chip. The new CPU is an update to the single-core Neo of the DV2.

Integrated graphics are provided by the AMD Radeon 3200, part of AMD’s platform. HP promises faster HD decoding and a snappier multimedia experience than netbooks, which should make it quite attractive to a mainstream audience.

HP’s device can handle up to 500 GB of storage, and has an optical drive with Blu-Ray.

Ship dates are unknown, but the Pavilion DV2Z is priced at $599 – a fantastic deal for the features you get. Will the new HP laptop steal netbook consumers forever? It will be intriguing to see the netbook world’s response, as the gap between netbooks and laptops shrinks ever smaller.

Via PCWorld.

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