HP Redesigns The Mini 1000 Netbook

HP is giving the Mini 1000 netbook a flashy redesign, as if it really needed one. It’s an attractive netbook to start with, but we must admit that the lack of a VGA-out port and the slow hard drive were definite downsides.

The netbook manufacturer is hoping to amend those issues with the HP Mini 110 and 1101, which incorporate VGA alongside bigger, faster HDDs. Additionally, we’re going to get new designs, a Broadcom HD decoder chip, and Syncable software.

The 10-inch LED widescreen and 92% keyboard are going to stay, but the HDD is getting bumped up 1200 rpm and 80 GB to a 5400 rpm, 160 GB version. Thankfully it comes with a 6-cell option, which is much more viable than the 3-cell.

How about those designs? PCWorld had a few things to say:

“Since HP is widely reputed for its signature imprint designs, the [Mini 110] will have several new ones: the Pink Chic and White Swirl versions are expected to be available in the United States on July 8, via A Black Swirl option will be available even sooner, beginning June 10.”

The Mini 110 comes in XP Home ($329) or the HP Linux OS ($279). The new Broadcom HD decoder will encompass both 720p and 1080p HD video.

Via PCWorld.

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