Huawei E583X – Truly Wireless Internet For Netbooks

showcased a new device at CommunicAsia 2009 with interesting implications for netbooks – the E583X wireless modem. The new HSDPA modem isn’t shaped like a flash drive to be plugged into your netbook’s USB port – it’s completely wireless.

The E583X sends a Wi-Fi signal out to your machine to connect to wirelessly, much like a Wi-Fi hot spot you’d see at an internet cafe. You can tuck the modem away and let it function completely wirelessly for up to 5 hours. If you don’t want to rely on its battery, you can always charge it the traditional way via USB.

Netbooks usually only have 2 USB ports, and freeing one up for use with other awesome netbook accessories is an attractive prospect. But if that doesn’t motivate you, maybe this will – upcoming iterations of the E583X will allow up to 5 users running a single cellular connection to get Internet access wirelessly.

The new product will be sold through mobile operators this in Europe.

Via CNet.