If You’re Going to Buy a Netbook, Know What You’re Buying

Intel recently had a demonstration of their Atom processor in Santa Clara, California where Intel showed its investors what this processor could and could not do. Basically, the Atom processor that is in netbooks is not able to handle multimedia-heavy tasks that regular netbooks are proficient at handing.

Netbooks are mostly for much simplier everyday tasks, such as surfing the Internet, sending out e-mails, and preparing documents. Unlike smartphones though, netbooks have decent-sized screens and keyboards and unlike full-size laptops, they aren’t as much of a hassle to carry around.

On the bright side, netbooks are relatively cheap and easy to transport while traveling. There is also less fear of damaging or losing them relative to laptops. As long as users understand what they are buying when they are purchasing a netbook – that it’s not a super multimedia machine, but rather more of a fun gadget – then things are cool.

Via Forbes.

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