iGo Netbook Charger One Of The Best Products of 2009

We’ve raved about the impressive qualities of the iGo Netbook Charger all the way since August, and it’s about time somebody realized just how awesome it was. The netbook accessory was recently featured as number 36 in PC World’s 0 Products of 2009, along side such dazzlers as the Apple App Store, Twitter, and… Beatles Rock Band. Not quite sure how that one got on there.

The iGo Netbook Charger is compatible with nearly every netbook and comes with a USB attachment and iGo power tip for phones and iPods. The iGo Netbook Charger is a solution for those of us with buttloads of gadgets and cords to tote around when we go more than five feet from our houses or dorm rooms, reducing clutter and back strain by compacting those cords into one usable device.

You can get the iGo Netbook Charger for $69.99 at if you want to charge your devices from any wall, car, or plane, but a wall-charging version is also available for $49.99. Of course, you can get the wall-charging version far cheaper on

Via CNNMoney.

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