Improvements To Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Linux users have touted the speediness and efficiency of their operating system since the 90s, but it’s often taken more than that to get Windows users to convert. Linux often seems difficult to use and has a reputation of being overly technical, and it’s likely that a lot of computer and netbook users miss out on a good OS when they make those assumptions.

A recent blog entry by Renai LeMay on CNet is arguing that Ubuntu 9.04 (and its accompanying netbook OS, Ubuntu Netbook Remix) is slicker than ever, and that Linux operating systems are getting closer and closer to the ease of use offered by Windows XP. Check out this quote:

“You won’t be able to notice the vast improvement in Ubuntu’s desktop experience over the past six months by browsing screenshot galleries of 9.04 or looking at new feature lists. What I’m talking about is that elusive slick-and-speedy feel you get from applications launching fast, windows moving around without jerkiness, and everything simply being where it should be in the user interface.”

If this is true, I’m guessing netbook users would gain a lot from checking out Ubuntu 9.04 and trying it on their machines. Be sure to read the rest of Renai’s blog here for more on Ubuntu Linux.

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