Indamixx Netbook Takes Industry In A New Direction

In a recent announcement of new netbook releases, Trinity Audio Group based Indamixx is delivering a device for the modern music lover.

The Indamixx ‘Laptop’ – though we know better, it’s a netbook – will run its own Linux-based OS named ‘Transmission’. It will ship with a bunch of new music software, useful for editing, producing, remixing, and listening to music.

This new step is yet again representative of the changes netbooks are making, as they are starting to be aimed at consumers other than the tech fanatics and industry analysts they were originally slated for.

While definitely not meant for the mainstream market, the new netbook is an interesting interpretation of the existing netbook movement. If we keep seeing new netbook releases as unique as this one, the industry should change quite a bit as time passes.The Indamixx Laptop seems likely to be used by DJs and others closely involved in the music world, entering the market at a palatable $500. The netbook will run the 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor.

They are now available for pre-order with a $99 down payment, and all orders placed by December 15th will arrive in time for Christmas.

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