Intel Denies DigiTimes Accusations

In a recent article, Taiwan-based tech magazine DigiTimes aimed some accusations at Intel, claiming that it squeezed nVidia’s new Ion graphics processor out from the Atom. Another site, Electronista, jumped on the bandwagon.They’re claiming that PC manufacturers in Taiwan told hardware manufacturers that Atom CPUs, in netbooks, are only available with 945GSE and 945GC chipsets. This would lock out nVidia and other competitors from becoming alternate suppliers for graphics chips. We recently covered nVidia’s Ion chipset, which is supposed to be excellent, and if the accusations are true Atom-users are sure to be unhappy.Intel was very firm about rebutting these accusations, stating that “its hot-selling Atom processor is available with or without a graphics chip, contrary to accusations out of Taiwan.” You can read more about the controversy here.

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