Intel Holds Back on Pineview Netbook CPU

Back during Computex Taipei 2009, Intel showed off its new Atom N450 netbook CPU to the world. It’s based on the 45 nm CPU codenamed Pineview and a wide release has been expected for quite some time.

However, since the June electronics show ended, nothing has been heard from the major PC vendors as to plans for developing N450-based netbooks. Rumors put the onus on cautious OEMs waiting for the big players to make announcements, and those rumors have been confirmed by Digitimes.

Joanne Chien of Digitimes Research said that “vendors are still awaiting the situation to clear up, as Intel has decided to delay the launch of the new CPU to early next year,” in an effort to not impact the netbook market in the second half of 2009.

In other news, Digitimes Research has put together an interesting graph of netbook growth for the visually inclined. Check it out:

Note: Shipments do not include white-box netbooks from China.
Source: Digitimes Research, compiled by Digitimes, July 2009

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