Intel Plans Huge Update To Classmate PC Netbook Line

The Intel Classmate PC is getting some updates, including new Pine Trail CPUs and a sleek redesign by Intel. Designated the Convertible Classmate, Intel’s school-centric netbook currently features a 10.1-inch swiveling touchscreen.

The new Atom CPUs are 60% smaller and 20% more efficient than the old versions. The netbook will also optional 3G and WiMax connectivity. Larger screen sizes could be in the works for the Intel Classmate PC.

The Classmate PC began in 2007 as a response to and competitor to the OLPC XO netbook. It was redesigned once in September 2008, but this time around, the netbook could better graphics and 720p video.

Intel says Argentina is going to buy 250,000 Classmate PC netbooks later this year, to be delivered to 1500 schools by the UN. Brazil and Turkey have purchased Classmate PCs as well.

Via PCWorld, image via CrunchGear.

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