Intel Releases Atom N280 Netbook Chip Early

Intel has been hard at work to announce the new, intentionally shortchanged Atom N280 processor to the world. It’s out on the market now, instead of the anticipated release date of later this year.

Bill Calder, a spokesman of Intel, said that “Asus is already taking preorders for the 1000HE with the N280.”

Intel expect the sales of the N280 to be below that of the N270, considering the miniscule .06 GHz increase in speed for the new netbook chip. Hopefully, the new chip will have a positive effect on Intel’s dismal sales. The Z540 Atom, which is designed for handheld MIDs, runs at 1.86GHz.

The N280 did receive one interesting boost, however. The new GN40 chipset will be capable of 720p HS playback and improved graphics. Of course, the new netbook graphics won’t quite match up to those on the upcoming NVIDIA Ion platform.

The front-side bus on the new chip has increased as well, from 533 MHz to 667 MHz.

Via CNet.

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