Intel Rumored To Introduce Two New Netbook Chips

A recent is saying that Intel, everyone’s favorite netbook chip distributor, will be announcing a new single-core Z-series Atom processor, which shall reach 2 GHz. It is to be the first Atom to do so.

The Z series is a family of single-core chips meant for MIDS, but in a cheap netbooks they might easily find a home as well. They use 2.4 W, just like the earlier 1.86 GHz Z-series chips.

Additionally, a new 1.2 GHz Atom is to be announced, one which subsists on a shockingly low 1.4 W of power when running full speed. That means if you crank it down to 800 MHz it will use a mere 0.65 W, making it one of the most efficient chips of its category.

Via Arstechnica.

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