Intel Thinks Netbooks Should Cost Less Than $400

People buy netbooks because they’re portable and cheap…well, at least relatively. But what’s a reasonable price for one of these mini notebooks anyway? Considering that they’re less powerful than any ordinary laptop, yet way more convenient, how much cheaper should they be?

Intel had originally suggested that netbooks ideally be priced at $299 or less, but they have currently changed their opinion on this matter. Now they’re saying that netbooks should cost $400 or less.

But…does it actually matter what Intel thinks? Netbook retailers are free to set whatever prices they want for these mobile computing devices (although setting higher prices may be at the expense of a significant decrease in sales)!

Quite a few netbooks in the market currently sell for more than $400 each, but most units that come with an Intel Atom processor have a price tag of less than $500. As the line between netbooks and notebooks becomes blurred, so does the line between prices for each of these computing devices.

Via Liliputing.

Image from EeePCBlog.

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