Intel To Cap Netbook CPU Performance

Apparently, Intel isn’t too keen on upgrading the Atom CPU too quickly. Despite many projections that the new Intel Atom N280 would be a serious upgrade to netbooking, Intel fears that it might cannibalize the sales of its more profitable, faster processors.

As a result, they’re holding back on upgrades to the Atom in order to steer consumers towards laptops and desktops.

Intel has always assured people that the Atom wasn’t supposed to be a high performance processor. Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel, said that netbooks, to them are a “complementary” device to notebooks, meant for only casual Internet use. They’re even set to “take this a step further later this year by plugging the hole between cheap Netbooks and pricey ultraportables with a new processor for less-expensive ultraportables”. What does this mean? Netbook performance isn’t set to grow much more, at least from Intel’s side of things.

If Intel wants to force customers to do things it’s way, we can’t really say anything to that. It’s their choice. However, holding back might not be so attractive an option once a new VIA Nano netbook processor comes out, or the Qualcomm Snapdragon of later this year.

Via Dallas News.

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