Intel VP Says Netbooks Won’t Attract First Time Buyers

Intel has dropped some comments about the netbook market Wednesday, stating that first-time buyers aren’t ever going to be likely to go for netbooks. Why? According to Intel Executive VP Sean Maloney, “If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money for the first time, you’re going to put a computer in your house,” – that is, not a netbook.

Setting aside the insinuation that netbooks aren’t real computers, it’s difficult to see this comment as more than wishful thinking. Sure, a good number of people use netbooks as secondary machines, but with the lowering price of external hard drives and the tightening of belts in this economy it’s difficult to see what the real difference is if you aren’t going to be gaming or beating up your CPU with Photoshop.

Intel has also ignored the fact that college kids on tight budgets are getting netbooks as well. Still, Maloney is sticking to his guns.

“The first time you buy something you want the real deal. It’s consistent not just in China, but all around the world.”

Intel would love it if Maloney’s right, since bigger profit margins are found in heavier-duty computers than netbooks.

Via Reuters.

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