Intel’s Classmate PC: A New Take On Netbooks

Intel’s newest project is the Classmate PC, a student-based netbook to be officially announced at CES this year.The netbook is in the tablet style, with a touchscreen and compatibility for both landscape and portrait recently got the chance to mess around with an “almost final” version. Their conclusions? Even though the Classmate is built for kids, the touchscreen features are well-implemented, and other netbook manufacturers should take the hint.They also liked the blue and white color scheme, the webcam, and the friendly interface. The Classmate can also tell if your palm is grazing the screen while you use the stylus. That way you won’t accidentally click other icons, something that personally irks me about my laptop’s touchpad.The Classmate PC is an interesting take on the netbook theme and we hope to see some more interpretations soon.Via CrunchGear.

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