Internet Explorer Under Attack, Again

As many have said, it is time to stop using Internet Explorer. It is simply too unsecure. Some new malware is now exploiting yet another vulnerability in Microsoft’s popular browser.

This new threat is not the same as the one used against in China. This malware replaces the code of “MessageBeep API” so that Internet Explorer cannot play a beep sound. Then the malware causes the IE window to be displayed again, which results in a malicious file being downloaded. The malware is on hundreds of websites, which contain a shell code that bypasses a warning dialog.

Part of the problem is the incredible number of people who persist in using Internet Explorer 6. IE6 is almost ten years old. It was designed in a time when people did not fully understand browser security, so it is extremely vulnerable. Yet, it remains the browser with the largest market share, despite the fact that Microsoft has released new versions of their browser that are more secure.

Via CIO Today, image via Microsoft.

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