Internet Video on PC Not Good Enough For Google, Now Headed For TV

It was not that long ago that acquired internet video giant YouTube. At a price of a staggering $1.7B, it was unsure if Google would really profit all that much from bringing under its wing.  The advertising revenue from internet video is indeed massive, but it is constrained to primarily PC markets.  wants more revenue, and it is looking at the true and tested world of television to get it from.

It was revealed that would be joining forces with Intel and Sony to create a set-top box called Google TV, to deliver internet content into the dens and living rooms of families everywhere.  The situation is supposed to be a win-win for all parties involved.  Sony wants to integrate the technology into its own TVs first, Intel would be providing the hardware such as Atom chips, and Google would have a whole new stream of advertising revenue.  Furthermore, Logitech, creators of the Harmony series of remotes, is joining in with a brand new specific remote controller designed to make Google TV easy to use.  It is a monumental effort, incorporating the titans of multiple fields.

Not much has been released about this project. TVs will naturally use Android OS and Chrome as a browser.  The users could watch TV shows, stream movie rentals, interact with social networking, or surf the web.  Currently, there is small-scale testing with Dish Network, and an SDK is to be released soon.  Even so, Google will need to do much to prevent its product from becoming the laughing stock that is or MSN TV.

Via DailyTech

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