iPad Expected to Decrease Netbook Sales

According to market research company DisplaySearch, the iPad and other tablets will be instrumental in causing a decrease in netbook sales this year.

The iPad will drive the tablet market, according to the report, allowing it to have dramatic gains. By contrast, the netbook market will decrease due to the appeal of the iPad and other tablets. Most of the growth will come from North America and Western Europe, mostly due to the iPad. The report predicts that Apple will sell five million iPads this year.

Netbooks will still continue to be appealing to customers, though, because of their relatively low prices. The average selling price of clamshell netbooks has dropped from $400 to a bit less than $300. The iPad is more expensive, starting at $499 and ranging past $800, depending on the specific model.

Apple’s profits from the iPad’s sales will also be helped by the App Store, which has been highly successful to date.


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